Philography: Shawls

A photo gallery of Marcy's ideas made real

Advancing Twill Angora Shawl Bamboo Shawl California Wine Country Cannele Deflected Doubleweave Onde Plaited Twill Red Ruana Red In Reno Reno Sunrise Rust Hills Sangria Seasilk Shawl Sherbert

Some shawls have appeared in her Blogs, in the Pictionary, or were featured in a Right from the Start (RFTS) article in Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot (SS&D). (Some have het to be so featured.)
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  This Cannelé is a
Pictionary entry 

10" x 68", sett at 24
ground: Just Our Yarn's 10/2 Tencel™ for the 2014 HGA Convergence®
warp:  Federal Sunrise

weft: Rhode Island Red
supplementary: Universal Yarn Charlotte - red ribbon with glitz


 Bamboo Shawl


Featured in
From Two to Four
or More

RFTS, SS&D #203, 2020

Swedish Lace
33" x 87", sett at 15

fingering weight yarns
warp: bamboo 4-ply

weft: alpaca wool blend


 Advancing Twill


Advancing Twill
40 Shafts

21 x 84", sett at 24

warp: bamboo 2600 yards/lb.
Dachele Enterprises
weft: 12/2 silk


California Wine Country

  Featured in
Winter 2020:
A Glimmer of Hope

February 2021 Blog

Plain Weave
23" x 84"   sett at 8
silk bouclé
RedFish Dyeworks
2016 Long Beach
Convergence® Colors


Reno Sunrise

  40 Shaft
Plaited Twill 

22" x 90"   sett at 24
10/2 Tencel™
dyed by Teresa Ruch for Convergence® 2018

warp:  Reno Sunrise
weft: Adobe


Red in Reno

  40 Shaft
Extended Twill 

16" x 90"
sett at 24
warp:  2 ply silk noil
weft: 20/2 silk
RedFish Dyeworks



Rust Hills

  Trio of
12-Shaft Twills 

23" x 92"   sett at 24
Convergence® 2018

warp:  20/2 silk
dyed by RedFish 

weft: 10/2 Tencel™
dyed by Teresa Ruch


Seasilk Shawl

  40 Shaft
Plaited Twill

20" x 84"
sett at 12

warp: Seasilk sangria
(70% silk, 30% SeaCell®)
weft: 2/5 Gemstone Silk
rose gold


Salmon Plaited Twill Silk Shawl

  10 Shaft
Plaited Twill

20" x 90"
12/2 silk sett at 18

warp: dark pink, dark salmon, rust
weft: light salmon


Angora Shawl

  Long Rib Weave
on 4 shafts 

21" x 94"
sett at 24
warp: Jaggerspun Zephyr
50:50 wool:silk)
weft: 100% natural angora
Plymouth Yarns




  40 Shaft
Twill & Satin Hybrid 

11" x 60"   sett at 24
weft: thick-n-thin rayon
warp:  20/2 silk by RedFish Dyeworks


Deflected Doubleweave


Deflected Doubleweave 
8 Shafts

11" x 69"

warp & weft the same:
10/2 Tencel™  sett at 16

Just Our Yarn - Great Lakes Sunrise
20/2 silk  sett at 32
RedFish Dyeworks - blues




Networked twill
on 40 shafts,
treadled return twill 

21" x 82"

warp: 12/2 silk
weft: Vijay Fibers Mulberry Silk - Sherbert
sett at 24


Red Ruana


Broken twill
with clasped wefts,
& knitted hood and scarf

30" each side  x 80"
sett at 15
warp: silk noil by
Margaret Pittman
Cranberry Punch
weft: Majestic Mohair by
Joseph Galler
Red & Red Orange




Networked twill
on 40 shafts,
treadled return twill 

21" x 88"

warp: 12/2 silk
weft: Vijay Fibers Mulberry Silk - Sangria
sett at 24