My Inspirations

Marcy Petrini

November, 2023

Were you inspired by my images?

The pictures I showed in my October blog were taken on a whim. Something caught my imagination. Later I see those images appear in my weaving. Sometimes it’s months later and sometimes the same picture will inspire more than one piece over the course of time.

Here are the pieces I wove inspired by those images, in no particular order.


This is our yard, my husband is the gardener in our family. There are steps that are barely visible in the back and there also steps to the side. I like to “step through the garden”, which is what I called the shawl. The light that filters through the trees appears as a lighter stripe in the shawl.



I love how the purple and red mingle in this sunset, taken just north of Jackson during a guild retreat. I tried to catch the luminosity of the sunset in this ruana that uses clasped wefts with a mohair and wool blend in red and red purple. We generally don’t think of mohair as having luster, but it does.



Many puffy clouds in this Western sky, photographed from the car on the way to Convergence® in Reno. I tried to capture the irregular clouds with the corkscrew twill in this scarf.


I love fall colors. They appear over and over in my weaving. The scarf captures the gold and brown from the tree, but also the intersections of the branches in the twill. The silk lights up the scarf just as light brightens the tree.



Not all inspirations are joyful. Our little RT was killed by a reckless driver. He was affectionate but also adventuresome. Everyone in the family received a fuzzy and soft RT scarf in white, grey and black to remember him.



How do your inspirations compare with mine?

Join me at Convergence® as we explore our inspirations!

Happy Weaving and Happy Thanksgiving!