Pointed and Reverse Pointed Twill

Marcy Petrini

February, 2023


While I was weaving the scarf from the January blog, I was thinking about the versatility of the pointed twill. Davison calls the twill from which I derive my motif a Bird’s Eye twill. No matter what we call it, the pointed and reversed pointed twill weave the same fabric, as shown in the drawdown below.

The best option to weave the fabric using the drawdown, is the blue and brown quadrant (bottom right), where a full motif starts the repeat.



The utility of having the two distinct twills is that they can be combined to form new motifs, for example, the one in the following drawdown. Similar to the previous, but bolder. 



Besides the various combinations of pointed and reverse twills and all the twill treadling possibilities, the pointed twill is used for other structures.

Myggtjäll or “mosquito netting” has a couple of different threadings. Mary Snider in her book Lace and Lacey Weaves uses a pointed twill. Here is the drawdown and fabric sample.




Below is the drawdown for the entire bumburet family which I first learned from Alice Schlein: bumburet, decape, thickset and velveret, in that order:



If you would like to find out more about these structures, they have entries in my on-line Pictionary©

Here are the fabrics. Bumberet:













And then there is Greek Huck. Greek Huck? Yes, Greek Huck, but that’s another story….

Happy exploring pointed twills!