Do These Images Inspire You?

Marcy Petrini

October, 2023

Next summer, at the Wichita Convergence 2024, I will be offering a seminar, “Can We Be Inspired by the Inspiration of Others?” This is leading me to think again about inspiration.

The seminar won’t have the format of this blog, but here is something for you to ponder about inspiration.

These five images have inspired me in the past (none of these images will be used at Convergence®).



Look at each image and ask yourself?

  • What does this image lead me to think about?
  • If I were to weave a project based on this image, what would it be? What item, what color, what structure, what motifs?

Do a sketch, a drawdown or whatever method to use when trying to capture an inspiration.


Next month, I will show the pieces that resulted in my inspiration from the above images

Happy weaving!