A Pictionary

Marcy Petrini

July, 2018


A Pictionary is a dictionary with a picture, in this case of four-shaft weaving structures. I presented the concept at a Reno 2018 Convergence® seminar. Participants received a notebook with 66 entries in alphabetical order. My plan is to include all of those – a bit at a time – on my website for people to download as they wish.

The Pictionary will grow over time. At Convergence®, participants noticed that some structures were missing, and I have a “to do” list of others. In some cases, I simply ran out of time, and the structures will be coming soon; in other cases, my samples are of poor quality, so they will require reweaving. And I am sure that there are some structures I have never woven! Something new to try.

This month, the four structures that have been uploaded are the plain weave and its derivatives: plain weave, tabby, ribs and basket weave . Each of these four links points to a different PDF that will open in its own browser window. The rib entry has been edited from the Convergence® version.

Totally new this month is a ribbed twill, with samples from the Convergence® yarns, only one of which was completed before I left. So, if you have a Pictionary notebook, you can now add the Ribbed Twill.

In the future I also hope to include how to transform a structure from four shafts to more shafts.

At the seminar we also discussed two spreadsheets: one for planning and one for matching a project warp ends to structure repeats. Originally, I had planned to put those on the website for downloading, too, but I found out that it is not wise to have executable files (spreadsheets execute calculations) on the web site because they can be prone to mischief. However, I will be glad to email them just for the asking.

I hope you enjoy your Pictionary. I welcome questions, corrections and additions any time.

Happy weaving!


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