Planning a Project: 

Weaving Structure, Color, Yarn and Sett

97 pages; 143 illustrations;  8 ½” x 11” pages.

ISBN: 978-0-9965577-1-9; Second printing. Price: $30.

A good weaving project entails many individual decisions, and this clearly illustrated 97-page monograph begins by introducing the all-important project sheet that steps the weaver through the calculations which are needed to determine the amount of yarn required for the project beforehand and how to evaluate the dimensions of the final fabric at the conclusion of the project. An annotated example is provided. The monograph then employs drafts and detailed photographs of fabrics to step through nine of the important areas that will lead to good decisions in any weaving project: (1) how to read a pattern; (2) how to understand the many weaving structures; (3) how to determine whether floating selvages are needed and if so how to incorporate them into the fabric; (4) how to employ various types of fibers and yarns; (5) how to use a yarn balance; (6) how to arrive at the correct sett for balance and unbalanced weaves, from warp-faced to weft-faced; (7) how to use color and its interaction with weaving structures; (8) how to hem on the loom and (9) how to twist a fringe. The monograph concludes with hints on buying a loom.


Sample pages can be viewed in this PDF.

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