Fiber Talks at the

Mississippi Craft Center

Fiber Talks happen most months prior to class.  Scheduled to start at 6:30 pm, the talks are held in the Center's library.  They cover a specific topic of interest to the weaving and spinning classes, but anyone can join in ($20 per session if not already enrolled in the weaving or spinning class).

Fiber Talks (with the most recent being on top)

Reinventing Twills: the Monograph July 28, 2015
How To Read a Draft May 12, 2015
Beginning Weaving : the Monograph April 28, 2015
Planning a Project March 12, 2015
Overshot vs. Summer & Winter January 26, 2015
Unit Weaves on Four Shafts November 25, 2014
What Size Will My Pattern Be October 28, 2014
Yard Equivalent September 1, 2014
Design Solutions August 20, 2014
Straight Twill Sampler and Twill Gamp July 1, 2014
Pictionary of Structures June 25, 2014
Regenerated Fibers May 13, 2014
Animal and Plant Fibers March 18, 2014
The Determinant of Warp Sett February 18, 2014
Avoiding Tension Problems in Weaving January 21, 2014